Our people

Committed to community building and the protection and promotion of Antarctica
Our people

The New Zealand Antarctic Society is a New Zealand-based incorporated society. The Society is governed by a National Council made up of the Society’s Officers and representatives from each Branch Committee. There are three Branch Committees – Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury and a burgeoning national and international membership.

The Society’s structure and operations are defined in its constitution. This determines who can make decisions regarding the Society and its future and how those decisions are taken. The Council and Branch Committees meet regularly throughout the year.

The Society’s constitution sets out its objectives:


Emeritus Professor Peter BarrettFRSNZ, FGS (Hons), PM, NZAM Antarctic Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington

National Council

President: Rex Hendry 
Secretary: Stuart Grayson 
Treasurer: Aaron Reilly
North Island Vice President: Natalie Robinson
South Island Vice President: Hubertien Wichers
Auckland Branch Chair: Robyn Denize
Wellington Branch: Natalie Robinson
Canterbury Branch Chair: Gabriela Roldan
Membership Officer: Irene Gillies
Editor Antarctic magazine:Liz Bridgeman
Website Manager: Stefan Jendersie

Science Subcommittee (terms of reference)

Peter Barrett (chair)
Grant Avery
Robin Falconer
Brett Fotheringham
Rex Hendry
Clive Howard-Williams
Margaret Austin
Robin Falconer
Linda Kestle
Clive Howard-Williams

Scott Base ReBuild Subcommittee (terms of reference)

Tamsin Falconer (chair)
Grant Avery
Peter Barrett
Linda Kettle
Karol Laska
Bill Nye

Life Members

Current Life Members, by year elected

1. Robin Ormerod (1996)
2. Randal Heke NZAM (2003)
3. Margaret Bradshaw PM (2006)
4. Colin Monteath QSM (2014)
5. John Parsloe (2014)
6. David Harrowfield NZAM (2016)
7. Robert Park (2016)
8. Frank Graveson PM (2017)
9. Mike Wing PM (2017)
10. Lester Chaplow (2019)
11. Max Quinn (2019)

PM: Polar Medal
NZAM: New Zealand Antarctic Medal

Auckland Branch

Chair: Robin Denize
Secretary: Roger McGarry
Treasurer: Mike Wing

Committee Member: Linda Kestle
Committee Member: Nicholas O’Flaherty

Wellington Branch

Secretary: Peter Morten
Treasurer: Warren Dickinson
Committee Member: Peter Barrett
Committee Member: Robin Falconer
Committee Member: Stefan Jendersie
Committee Member: Karol Laska
Committee Member: Natalie Robinson
Committee Member: Gracie Scott
Committee Member: Jamie Stutz

Canterbury Branch

Co-Chairs: Gabriela Rolan, Matt Jordan
Secretary: Anne Hunter
Treasurer: Geoffrey Price
Committee Member: Bill Nye
Committee Member: Faye Broughton
Committee Member: Jane Ellis

Additional National Roles

Social Media: Gabriela Roldan