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Committed to community building and the protection and promotion of Antarctica
Our people

The New Zealand Antarctic Society is a New Zealand-based incorporated society. The Society is governed by a National Council made up of the Society’s Officers and representatives from each Branch Committee. There are three Branch Committees – Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury and a burgeoning national and international membership.

The Society’s structure and operations are defined in its constitution. This determines who can make decisions regarding the Society and its future and how those decisions are taken. The Council and Branch Committees meet regularly throughout the year.

The Society’s constitution sets out its objectives:


Peter Barrett, Emeritus Professor, Antarctic Research Center, Victoria University of Wellington

National Council

President Linda Kestle  president@antarcticsociety.org.nz
Secretary Gigi Green
Treasurer Pantelis Roussakis treasurer@antarcticsociety.org.nz
North Island Vice President Vacant
South Island Vice President Bill Nye
Auckland Branch Chair Linda Kestle
Wellington Branch Chair Robin Falconer
Canterbury Branch Chair Shirley Russ

Auckland branch

Contact auckland@antarcticsociety.org.nz
Chair Linda Kestle
Secretary Roger McGarry
Treasurer Mike Wing
Committee Member Myra Walton
Committee Member Brett Fotheringha

Wellington branch

Contact wellington@antarcticsociety.org.nz
Chair Robin Falconer
Secretary Peter Morton
Treasurer Fred Davey
Committee Member Peter Barrett
Committee Member Rebecca Pyne
Committee Member Christoph Kraus
Committee Member Dan Zwartz
Committee Member Mariska Wouters

Canterbury branch

Contact canterbury@antarcticsociety.org.nz
Chair Shirley Russ
Secretary John Rogers
Treasurer Geoffrey Price
Committee Member Anne Hunter
Committee Member Faye Broughton
Committee Member Jane Ellis

Additional national roles

Membership Officer -tbc membership@antarcticsociety.org.nz
Editor Lester Chaplow editor@antarcticsociety.org.nz
Website Manager Christoph Kraus
Facebook Page Administrators Gabriela Roldan and Christoph Kraus

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