Georgia Grant
– With my PhD on paleo-climate finished, as well as a trip to Antarctica, I am now working at GNS Science. I have been on the committee for the last year and have thoroughly enjoyed my time, contributing to a range of events. I think the NZAS is perfectly situated to engage the public around Antarctica and Antarctic science, and that is my primary interest – to continue expanding outreach programs, regionally and nationally.

Deputy Chair:
Christoph Kraus
– I completed an MSc thesis in 2017 on the early Ross Sea ice sheet history recorded in DSDP core drilled in 1973, which I enjoyed. Since then I’ve been working on a range of geological engineering problems in NZ with BECA Engineering, but am keen to stay in touch with Antarctic activities. I was also Website Content Manager for the Society for two years, and have been excited to see it grow, but am now keen to focus on Branch activities.

Peter Morten
– I retired a few years ago and now serve as Secretary for a number of voluntary organisations. I am happy to continue in this role for NZAS-Wellington Branch. My background was in publicly funded science and energy policy. I remain interested in these topics, especially with climate change issues rising to the fore.

Warren Dickinson
– I’m a Senior Lecturer in VUW’s Antarctic Research Centre. I use geochemical techniques to study past Antarctic climate and have spent 10 field seasons there. I’m presently treasurer of NZAS-Wellington Branch, and willing to stand for another year. I’ve become familiar with the Westpac account that Fred Davey set up, and things are going pretty well.


Peter Barrett – I’m an Emeritus Professor in the Antarctic Research Centre, VUW. I continue to be interested in new research on past Antarctic climate history and what it means for the future. I’m also interested in how we can support those currently working on research into past and future ice sheet behaviour and its consequences.

Robin Falconer – I’m a marine geophysicist initially studying sea floor spreading patterns between NZ and Antarctica. Since then I’ve worked internationally on a variety of research and commercial projects, and spent over a decade in science management at GNS Science. I’m interested in seeing how the Society can contribute to ongoing thinking in our Antarctic programme.

Natalie Robinson – I’m a marine physicist at NIWA working to understand the interactions between the ocean, sea ice and ice shelves, and their response to changing climate. I’m passionate about making science accessible to everyone and am keen to lead outreach and engagement opportunities in the communities especially through the school system.

Stefan Jendersie – I am a polar oceanographer at the VUW Antarctic Research Centre, but have a professional background in project management and business consulting. I decided to become a polar explorer at the age of 12, but have yet to get there. I have always been interested in history and hope to contribute to the activities and projects undertaken by the Antarctic Society.

Karol Laska – I am experienced in project management, strategy and governance, and have strong interests in protection of the Antarctic heritage and environment. I have a particular interest in the Scott Base Rebuild and the unique way it will contribute to the strong presence of New Zealand on the ice.

Gracie Scott – I’m a 4th year student in Law and Environmental Studies and co-chair of Forest and Bird Youth at VUW. Earlier this year I took on the role of Membership Manager for the NZ Antarctic Society. I am keen to help organising events, but especially interested in events aimed at young people and their families.

Jamey Stutz – I study evolution of glacial landscapes in the VUW Antarctic Research Centre, and I’m keen to help support new and ongoing activities. Earlier this year I worked with NY Polar Film Festival coordinator Sarah Bouckoms to run Polar Film Festival – New Zealand edition. I’m interested in capitalising on this success and craft similar events in the future.