Scott Base Redevelopment Advisory Subcommittee (SBR-AS)

Terms of Reference – 27 September 2019

Subcommittee Purpose

  1. To represent the New Zealand Antarctic Society’s (NZAS’s) membership, their interests and their expertise, as a key stakeholder in the Government’s Scott Base Redevelopment Project.
  2. To support the project’s interests in the support of science, the protection and proper management of the Antarctic environment, and the promotion of New Zealand’s national interests in Antarctica.
  3. To act as a channel for questions, advice, expertise, and concerns to be provided from NZAS’s membership to the Redevelopment Project
  4. To act as a channel for information, consultation, and requests for advice to be passed from the Redevelopment Project to NZAS’s membership

Subcommittee Mission
Ensure that the redevelopment project:

That the project:

The subcommittee includes between 5-8 NZAS members that have been chosen to represent a variety of
perspectives and Antarctic experience. It includes two officers of the Society (President and South Island
Vice-President) Initial membership comprises: