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Mar 2019
Talk Wellington

Fresh Off the Ice

This is our first Wellington-based event of the year, with four talks from last season’s research on sea ice formation, the crustal transition between East and West Antarctica, in support of the new Ross Sea Marine Protected Area, and first deep-sea drilling in the Amundsen Sea region of West Antarctica. We’ll conclude with a 10 minute overview of Antarctic drilling produced after last year’s Ross Sea drilling.

Mar 2019
Canterbury Talk

Subantarctic Islands – Perspectives

Sentinels in the Southern Ocean, the Subantarctic Islands are the stage ships wrecks and despair, exploration and life in new lands that are rich in biodiverisity above and below the sea.

Feb 2019
Auckland Talk

Secrets of the Antarctic Ice Sheet

How the Antarctic Ice Sheet formed, then waxed and waned over the last 30 million years – secrets revealed from the drilling programs, 1973 to today.

Dec 2018
Canterbury Free Event Special Event

International Antarctic Day Godley Head

Join us at Godley Head to celebrate International Antarctic Day, recognising the Antarctic Treaty, and visit a little known Canterbury Antarctic connection.

Nov 2018
Free Event Talk Wellington

Antarctic Science Platform Presentation: Vision for the…

Nancy Bertler will present on the new MBIE-funded initiative, the Antarctic Science Platform, which is designed to help understand Antarctica’s impact on the global earth system, and how this might change in a future world.

This talk will be live streamed for all those who cannot make it in person!

Nov 2018
Auckland Free Event Talk

Wintering Over at the South Pole –…

What is it like to spend one year at the South Pole? No aircraft for nine months, no Sun for six!

Nov 2018

Frozen History

Hear Dr Ursula Rack, Polar Historian, and Adjunct Fellow of Gateway Antarctica, present on Frozen History.

Nov 2018
Canterbury Special Event Tour

Godley Head’s Antarctic Hut and Penguins

Godley Head’s Antarctic Hut and Penguins

with Guides Dr. Bryan Storey and Suky Thompson and penguin researcher Dr. Chris Challies assisted by members of the White-Flippered Penguin Trust.

Nov 2018

Sir Holmes Miller Memorial Lecture 2018

Please join us for the 32nd annual Sir Holmes Miller Memorial Lecture by Peter Otway. Peter Otway will talk about surveying in Antarctica in the 1960s, and using dogs and sleds for transport.

The lecture commemorates Sir Holmes’ pioneering surveys by dog sled for Hillary’s route to the Pole.

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