Worsley Enchanted finalist in book awards

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Worsley Enchanted finalist in book awards

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The New Zealand Antarctic Society produced book, Worsley Enchanted, has been confirmed as a finalist in the Best Awards 2017, for New Zealand’s Best Graphic Design, Editorial and Books.

Our congratulations, and thanks, to Gusto Design for their creative design, and to Myra Walton for her illustrations. This is a huge honour as not only are the Best Awards the top design awards in New Zealand, but the awards also accept entries from Australia. The winners will be announced on 14 October 2017, but this finalist nomination alone is a great achievement.

Worsley Enchanted tells the story of the small boat voyage of the James Caird from Elephant Island to South Georgia. It is a classic epic of man vs. ocean and one of the greatest stories of triumph over adversity from Ernest Shackleton’s 1914-1917 Endurance expedition.

The boat was navigated by New Zealander Frank Worsley, and the story, told from his perspective, was penned as a poem, Worsley Enchanted, by Douglas Stewart. The poem was first published in serial form in The Bulletin in 1948. It has subsequently been included in three anthologies.

In the centennial year of the voyage of the James Caird, the New Zealand Antarctic Society is pleased to announce the release of a stand-alone edition of Worsley Enchanted.

The three New Zealand branches of the Society held launch events in Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury for Worsley Enchanted.

Copies of Worsley Enchanted are available from the Society’s online shop.

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