The NZAS publishes first Organisational Framework of NZ’s Antarctic & Southern Ocean Research

New Zealand Science

This 26 page report with its nine diagrams presents an outline of NZ’s Antarctic and Southern Ocean research “ecosystem”. It is the first time that such a description has been published, capturing the complex and dynamic framework within which multiple New Zealand government-funded agencies operate.

It involved 14 months of community-wide consultation with the NZ Antarctic and Southern Ocean research community. The Society thanks the enthusiastic willingness of the many individuals and agencies who provided thoughtful responses and feedback incorporated into the document.

The report provides an overview of the 20 funders, support and research providers for NZ’s Antarctic research, as well as funding data down to project level for the 2018/19 and 2019/20 years. NZ’s Antarctic organisations are listed with URLs in Appendix 1 and the funding data in Appendix 2. Download PDF here.

The authors’ intent has been to present information on the structure of NZ’s Antarctic and Southern Ocean research framework for a common understanding of the system. They conclude by recommending an appropriate agency take on expansion and maintenance of the work to date. It could, for example, lead to a long-term strategy with implementation pathways based on past experience, along with a case for science funding matched with human resource development and logistic capabilities.

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