Inspiring Explorers -The Last 36 film

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Inspiring Explorers -The Last 36 film

The New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust have recently released ‘The Last 36’. This is a short file from Antarctic Heritage Trust’s Inspiring Explorers’ Expedition traversing South Georgia Island by Shackleton’s route.

Honouring the centenary of Shackleton, Worsley and Crean’s famous crossing of South Georgia Island this film shares the journey of three young explorers selected by the Trust to attempt the crossing in late 2015. Honouring each of the nationalities from the original expedition (English, Irish and New Zealand) the explorers reflect on the last 36 hours Shackleton and his men faced as they raced over the island to try to raise the alarm to save the rest of the stranded Endurance expedition team. An epic survival tale and harrowing journey, it endures today as a story of remarkable leadership and teamwork. As you will see in the film, South Georgia lives up to its reputation as one of the world’s most beautiful, harsh and remote places.

Watch the film on the NZAHT website and read more about the three Inspiring Explorers here:

Regarding Young Inspiring Explorers, you may also recall an earlier news item regarding the call for applications for the Young Inspiring Explorers 2018 Expedition.

After a huge number of applications the NZAHT  have now confirmed the Inspiring Explorers for 2018 and look forward to announcing them publicly in early March. The team will travel to Greenland in May to attempt a crossing of the ice cap on skis, hauling sleds for over 500km. This trip will honour Fridtjof Nansen, icon of polar exploration. Nansen completed the first crossing of the Greenland ice cap 130 years ago (1888). He was a defining influence on the polar explorers of the 20th century such as Captain Robert Falcon Scott, Sir Ernest Shackleton and Roald Amundsen.

Four young New Zealanders and Australians will travel on this expedition which will enable them to connect them with the history and spirit of exploration. They will then share their story to inspire others to go out and explore the world.

NZAHT will announce more about these inspirational young explorers in March.

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