Secrets of the Antarctic Ice Sheet

How the Antarctic Ice Sheet formed - 30 million years in the making

Date: 21 Feb 2019 - 21 Feb 2019
Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

MacGregor Seminar Room,
Old Biology Building,
University of Auckland,
3 Symonds St,

How to find us
The MacGregor room is in the Old Biology Building set back behind a carpark at 3 Symmond Street. Look out for the signs :-)

Secrets of the Antarctic Ice Sheet

In 1973, Peter Barrett was invited on the first Antarctic offshore drilling ship, Glomar Challenger, to the Ross Sea, to find out when the first Antarctic ice sheet formed. He subsequently worked on four other projects from 1974 to 1999 coring hundreds of metres into the sea floor using a drilling rig on the sea ice in McMurdo Sound. This culminated in the Cape Roberts Project, which involved 55 scientists, and 30 drilling and logistics personnel from 7 countries.

In 1967, Peter discovered the first tetrapod fossils (early vertebrate animals) found in Antarctica.

These projects were milestones in our understanding of Antarctic history over geological timescales.

Do join us to hear directly from a pioneer of Antarctic scientific exploration.

3 Symonds St
New Zealand,

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