Antarctica: the First Dance – Corey Baker

Arts & Culture New Zealand

ANTARCTICA: THE FIRST DANCE will premiere on Earth Day, Sunday 22
April 2018, in the UK and be available to New Zealand audiences late
Sunday evening. It is a dance film that captures both the staggering
beauty of the icy Antarctic landscape while we still have it, and the
movement of the dancer within it.

The awe-inspiring contemporary ballet featured in the film is
performed by Madeleine Graham, star of the Royal New Zealand Ballet.
Madeleine’s heroic effort, dancing in temperatures ranging from -2.4
to -16°C during 12 days on the ice, belies the grace, vitality and
beauty of her performance.

It’s an unforgettable performance in an extreme environment – you
can view the film trailer here

Born and raised in Christchurch, Corey was touched by dance at an
early age through an outdoor performance in Hagley Park. Corey’s
career has taken him to Australia, Switzerland and London where Corey
is currently located and celebrated. He has made it his life mission
to make the world of dance and theatre accessible to anyone by
creating experiences in the outdoors.

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